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This page is dedicated to protecting two unique West Seattle parks
-- Updated January 19, 2013 --


    The mission of this Web page was quite different in the beginning (early 2005). It was about preventing further damage to two unique West Seattle parks -- Lowman Beach Park and Cove Park by "industrial development" efforts of the King County Wastewater Division. The neighborhood succeeded in minimizing any further industrialization of Lowman Beach Park. It is a very small consolation prize, given all the things that have gone wrong.

    If you visit the website Daffy County, you can read about all the things that have gone wrong, including the destruction of 19 prime, affordable rental units directly across the street from Lowman Beach Park. At One Good Flush Deserves Another, you can take the pledge to "flush" the so-called leaders in this irrational and immoral disaster, the next time they run for elected office.

    All I and a few neighbors (who understand and respect the rights of renters and the immoral land-grab that is going on in this matter) can do is continue to spotlight and protest the irrationality and attempt to hold the so-called leaders in this fiasco accountable. In that regard, see the "political art" hung near the homes slated for destruction during the 2012 Halloween season -- Fearsome Four.

    This page will no longer by updated. However if you wish to view my history of advocacy for the Lowman Beach Park neighborhood, please take a look below.

                 -- Take care, and best wishes, Ron Sterling, M.D.

Please Attend the Design Meetings! (If you care about access and safety)

    Meetings continue with respect to design aspects of the facility. I encourage all those who utilize the 7000 block of Beach Drive SW for its connection to the north entrance of Lincoln Park's beach walk for running, walking, bicycling, etc. to attend this meeting and any other such "design" meetings.

    Current design plans will clearly make such uses more dangerous than what park and street surface users experience now. One of the plans recommends to continue parking on the street, but narrow the street.

    No "improvements" such as widening the sidewalks to get people off the street as much as possible or eliminating street parking entirely by placing a parking lot area in the northwest corner of the CSO project site are planned.

    In addition, King County intends to appropriate the current long-standing public right of way named Murray Ave SW between Lincoln Park Way SW and Beach Drive without granting an equal amount of land somewhere on the CSO site for at least an equal amount of parking. Currently, residents can park where the design drawings are showing a private driveway to the CSO facility.

    Kayakers, wind surfers, kiteboarders, walkers, runners, bicyclists and others should attend these design meetings if you care about preserving your access to Lowman Park and to the the longstanding use of the 7000 Beach Drive SW block for a thruway through Lincoln Park and appropriate access to the north end of Lincoln Park Beach, and if you care about safety.

    My somewhat crude design suggestion can be viewed by clicking here (small pdf file).

My Most Recent E-Mail to King County and the Design Committee.

    The following is what I recently sent to the design committee and Doug Marsano (Doug.Marsano at, Water Quality Planner:

      Dear Doug: As you know, I decided not to participate in design discussions from "inside" a CAG, given the very bad experience I and others had with the previous CAG that worked so hard through the summer of 2011, only to be "slapped in the face." I will work as much as I can from outside the current CAG to influence King County to do the right things. I recently sent the following e-mail to those shown on the address list.

      It includes, as an attachment, another drawing that is close to what I feel is correct for all parties concerned, park users, neighbors, runners, walkers, kayakers, etc.

      I plan on running this concept by a number of community members and park users for feedback and support, if the feedback is supportive of the concepts displayed in the drawing and discussed in the e-mail. I draw your attention specifically to the issue of KC's plan to appropriate the complete current public right of way known as Murray Ave SW between Beach Drive SW and Lincoln Park Way SW.

      It is my opinion that such an appropriation of a public right of way used for parking and other public right of way rights needs to be compensated with at least an equal amount of such public right of way on some other part of the land being used for the CSO tank project. Just taking things belonging to the public is not, in my opinion, very neighborhood friendly, without providing for what is being taken from the public somewhere else in the vicinity of what is being taken. That is why in the drawing I show parking lot area on the "CSO property" in compensation for the Murray right of way taking.

      I hope this makes sense. I have not heard any feedback from the addressees noted below, so I am assuming there is no negative feedback, nor, probably, was such a similar concept discussed previously in the CAG, unless CAG members and others are just giving me the "silent treatment." Not sure.

      Hopefully, this will be helpful in brainstorming further relevant design concepts and park and neighborhood needs that have not, in my opinion, been covered adequately in previous CAG meetings and reports.

      Please distribute this at the CAG meeting this Tuesday evening, March 20. See you there. Thanks, Ron

Below is Old News and the Old Struggle Beginning in Early 2005.

View Photographs of Lowman Beach and Cove Parks.

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